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We're glad you're considering us for your upcoming fence installation project! We've put together this page to help you navigate the process of how to get the ball rolling. Or, if you're ready to get started already, simply fill out our contact form.

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The MW Fence Company 13-Step Process

Step 1

First, reach out to us via phone call, our online estimator, contact form, Google Business page, Facebook message, or walk-in.

Step 2

We respond to your inquiry with more questions in an effort to understand the full scope of your needs... we aren't here just to sell products. Part of our mission is to completely understand your needs, the function of the fence, and your patterns of use, so we can match you to the perfect fence. That's why we always insist on doing a free site assessment in order to provide you with the right choices.

Step 3

We schedule the free site assessment, followed by sending text appointment confirmations and an email containing basic info about the type(s) of fence(s) you are interested in.

Step 4

We then perform the assessment, meeting with you onsite to review the potential layout options, obstacles, property boundaries, limitations, ordinance requirements, buried public and private lines, etc.

Step 5

We will email you a firm quote either on the same day or shortly thereafter; in some cases, we must wait on pricing from our fence supply vendors.

Step 6

We receive your feedback and/or requests for changes to the quote, or we receive your go-ahead for the project.

Step 7

Once approved, we send a request for your e-signature on the contract/estimate and an invoice for half down payment, which can be paid via e-check, paper check, cash, or credit card. We also have 3rd party financing options available.

Step 8

Once we receive your down payment, we lock your project into our installation schedule, which is based on the order in which we receive down payments.

Step 9

We request and pay for any city permits required and order materials once the permit is approved.

Step 10

Once materials are here and we are about two weeks from your installation date, we call Dig Rite to request where your utilities are located.

Step 11

We communicate with you that the utility locations have been requested, and then again, a few days in advance, we start communicating the ETA for your project.

Step 12

We then install the fence. Once it is complete, we will email you the final bill, which can be paid as described in step 7.

Step 13

Once you pay the full bill, we submit a thank you with your paid invoice, along with a request for your honest review on Google (we appreciate your reviews so much!).

You are now the owner of a beautiful new fence!

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We're ready to make your dream fence a reality! Please fill out a contact form for a free quote.

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